Hardcat Asset Tracking Software | Reduce loss or damage of goods whilst in transit | Simple to manage and easy to use

A key strength of Asset Resource’s flexible solution is its use in countries around the world, in every imaginable industry, tracking every imaginable type of asset. Our flexible structure, which allows the user to tailor fields to suit their unique requirements, enables Hardcat to track virtually any type of asset.

From desks, chairs and large mainframe computers, to fax machines, photocopiers, modems, PCs, portables and mobile phones. Asset information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader which has a pre-programmed interrogation system enabling the system user to collate data efficiently, accurately and in an organised and efficient format.

The level of detail you wish to record against asset records is fully configurable, but may include:

  • asset details (i.e. type, serial number, description)
  • purchase price & current valuation
  • warranty/maintenance dates & costs
  • components and attatchments
  • complete movement and audit history by location, cost centre, or custodian
  • associated asset management costs
  • lease & rental information
  • cost centre & ownership
  • supplier and maintenance provider
  • powerful custom user-definable fields by asset type (create fields that are relevant for the assets YOU manage)

Asset Resources incorporates monitoring of asset condition with bar coded stocktaking. Define and track the full history, including all movements, of unlimited components.

An inspection program is also available on hand-held barcode devices, RFID readers and PDA devices such as Iphone, Android or Blackberry that will allow on-site inspection of property and equipment to collect more detailed information. The Asset Resources Barcode module offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets. Asset information is recorded via a hand-held barcode reader which has a pre-programmed interrogation function enabling the system user to collate data efficiently and accurately.

Tagging options

  • Text Based tags - Laminate, Plastic, Aluminum, Steel
  • Barcode tags (Linear Barcodes) - Laminate, Plastic, Aluminum, Steel
  • Data Matrix Lables - Laminate, Polycaronate, Aluminum
  • RFID tags - Active, Passive

The information collected during a facility inspection is uploaded and the appropriate work orders can be generated, based on the specific conditions and other information gathered in the field.

Record and track components by serial number, cost, date and other factors and a complete financial history of every asset is tracked - including revaluations.

Asset Resources includes a fully integrated barcode interface compatible with the latest barcode technology. The use of handheld computers has added greatly to this.

The Asset Tracking Software application now allows users with any web enabled device to have the mobility to update all assets, perform maintenance by creating or updating work orders out on site, add attachments such as photo’s of damaged equipment, all at a live instance without the need to upload any data to their PC’s.

Real time updates to the database provide the ability to measure actual downtime of equipment and monitor KPI’s with more accurate data.


By automating time intensive audit and data collection processes, Asset Resources solution offers a fast, accurate and discreet method of identifying fixed and portable assets.

Key Benefits:

  • automated data collection
  • total asset visibility
  • instant asset tracking
  • quick, simple to use & accurate
  • labour, time & cost efficient
  • improved security
  • The Asset Auditing Module provides the user with:
    • - detailed asset information recording by make and model, serial number, user, cost centre, location & more
    • - data analysis & automatic asset creation
    • - full reports on assets audited by location, cost centre and people, including exception reports for stolen, missing or moved items
    • - automatic transfer, sorting & relocation of audited assets
    • - last audit report facility
    • - on-line goods in/out recording (including expected return date)
    • - barcode printing in a choice of formats.


An RFID tag is an object that can be applied to or incorporated into an asset for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves. Some tags can be read from several meters away and beyond the line of sight of the reader. RFID tags are often an alternative to barcodes, having a number of important advantages over the older barcode technology. They may not ever completely replace barcodes, due in part to their higher cost and the advantage of multiple data sources on the same object.

  • record every type of asset from the smallest piece of equipment to the building where you work
  • record and track all components of any asset so that you always have the correct level of detail and accuracy right at your fingertips
  • record the custodians of all assets to delegate responsibilty and know who is doing what
  • track repair histories to know which assets are costing your company hard won income
  • reduce the production halting and profit eroding downtime of your assets
  • decrease the number of lost assets
  • make strategically correct decisions based on up-to-date highly accurate information
  • be able to compute multiple depreciation calculations
  • give the right information to the right people with extensive reporting capabilities
  • run the asset register and maintenance management tasks across the internet
  • carry out comprehensive maintenance management for all type of assets wherever they may be, and maximise their life cycle usefulness
  • find your assets when you need them and avoid the expense of purchasing unnecessary replacements

Asset Resources offers a variety of audit services to assist clients in barcoding and identifying their fixed asset base. Asset Resources have conducted countless audits in countries around the world using a proven project lifecycle and methodology.

Key Benefits of Asset Resources Asset Auditing Services

Some benefits of conducting regular and complete audits include:

  • - Discover new assets – adding them to the current asset register with accurate details efficiently captured on-the-spot
  • - Identifying missing assets – assets in the current register that cannot be located can be immediately written off
  • - Assets for disposal – highlight assets that are redundant and no longer in use and awaiting disposal
  • - Asset Condition – condition of each asset can be recorded, those in poor condition and representing an OH&S risk noted, resulting in a proactive asset management replacement program.

Asset Tracking Software for the extension of technology to handheld computers - other barcode processes include initial data collection, condition surveys and asset tracking.

Asset Tracking Software - improve visibility in the supply chain.